The SBFC is an Institution of Public Character and it has been authorized by the Ministry of Health to issue tax-exempt receipts.

Please download the Donation Form, print it out, and send it together with your crossed cheque to our office at: 48 Lor 23 Geylang, Singapore 388376. Please write the cheque payable to: Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic

Donation via GIRO

To facilitate donation by the public, we started the GIRO donation scheme, donors may fill in the GIRO Donation Form (available at all our branch clinics), send it to our office, and your monthly donation will be deducted from your bank account and credited our SBFC bank account. Please give us your NRIC number, we will submit the donations to IRAS directly every year for tax deduction purposes.

Donation via Credit Card transaction

You can also use Credit Card to transfer your donations to our Medical Fund, if you hold any of VISA / MASTERCARD Credit Card. Please download the Donation Form, fill in the amount, credit card number, expiry date, CVV number and your signature. Upon successful transaction, an Official Receipt will be send to the address you supplied. Your donation is tax-exempted.

Donation via

You can use credit card to transfer your donation to our Medical Fund Account through website

Donation via NETS

You can use NETS to make donation and request Official Receipt at our Headquarter office with the NETS receipt.

We do not solicit for donations through house to house canvassing, any query please contact 67487292.

Guidelines on Donations

General Guidelines
  1. All members of the staff in this clinic are to uphold honesty in order to ensure the public's confidence and continued support for charitable causes.
  2. At all times, the clinic will ensure the accuracy of all information disseminated to members of the public.
  3. In accordance with donors' desire, all donations received will be used to the fullest in funding the free clinic.
Types of Donation
  1. Charity box: These boxes are placed at all clinics for collecting donations from the public. Donors' names are not recorded and they do not specify the usage of such funds.
  2. Fund-raising activities: Donations collected from the holding of walkathons, fun fairs, as well as flag days are recorded in separate accounts. No receipts are issued for such donations.
  3. Medical fund: For donations that are specified by donors for use in funding the operations of the free clinic, official receipts that can relief in two options Tax- exempted or None Tax-exempted receipts.
Receipt for Donations
  1. SBFC is an approved Institute of a Public Character (IPC) under the purview of the Ministry of Health. SBFC is also a member of the Health Endowment Fund. During the permit validity period, all qualified donations to the Medical Fund are tax-exempted.
  2. Two types of receipts are issued:
    1. Temporary Receipt
      This type of receipt is handwritten with a set of 3 copies. The first copy is issued to the donor. The second is kept for accounting purposes and the third is the stub. This book of receipt is printed and managed by the secretariat of the Board of directors, and is only issued to the various branch clinics and other approved donation collecting agents. All receipts issued must be signed by the officer with complete record.
    2. Official (Tax-exempt) Receipt
      1. Tax-exempt receipt series MF, Pink in colour.
      2. None Tax-exempt receipt series NT, Blue in colour.
        This receipt is computer generated. For donations made in cash during office hours at all branches or credit card donations made at the main office, an official receipt will be issued on the spot. For cheque donation, an official receipt will be mailed to the donor after it is deposited. No signature is required. However, the names and designations of the Secretary General and the Finance Director of the branch, as well as that of the issuing officer will also be printed on the receipt.
  3. Donor who wish to make a tax deductible donation, individuals and companies should provide the personal NRIC or corporation UEN
  4. Should a donor lose his original receipt, any request for a duplicate should be made within the same year.
Methods of Donation:

Donors may choose any method listed below to donate to our medical fund:

  1. By Cash Donation: Please proceed to our main office or branches during office hours, where an official receipt will be issued. After office hours (during the evening consultation hours), or in the event that the officer-in-charge is not present, the clerical officer will issue donors with a temporary receipt.
  2. By Cheque: Cheques can be sent by mail to the main office or hand delivered to any branches. When sending by mail, please state clearly the donor's name, NRIC number, address, contact number, amount and cheque number. Five working days after the cheque is deposited, an official receipt will be sent to the donor.
  3. By Credit Card: Donations made by credit card is acceptable at the main office. Alternatively, donors can send their credit card details with their authorize signature to the main office. Once the credit card transaction is approved, an official receipt will be mailed to the donor according to the address furnished by them.
  4. By GIRO: Donors can collect a copy of the GIRO application form from our branches or download from our web side. Upon filling up the account name, bank account number, monthly amount to be donated and the signature, mail the original form back to our office. Once approved, our bank will deduct the monthly amount from the donor's bank account. On December 31 of every year, we will issue a receipt in total detailing the amount donated for that year.
  5. Online Donation Portal: Donations can be made online via the portal Upon confirmation of receipt of donation by bank, we will issue an official receipt.
Processing of Donations
  1. Only the Executive Manager, Assistant Executive Manager or other appointed officials of the various branches have access to the data stored in the computer and are authorized to generate receipts. Other officers can only issue handwritten temporary receipts.
  2. Upon receipt of donation, all data related to it will be keyed into the computer. All cash or cheque donation received by us will be deposited in the designated bank account within the shortest possible time and once the donation is cleared, an official receipt will be issued. (Under normal circumstances, this should not exceed ten working days. If donors do not receive their receipts after two weeks, please make enquire by calling our office).
  3. For cash donations, the various branches can process it directly and an official receipt can be generated by the computer. If cheque donation is made at any branches, a temporary receipt will be issued. The branch will then send the cheque and the duplicate of the temporary receipt to the main office. Once the appointed executive officer has deposited the cheque, an official receipt will be issued.
  4. The main office Financial Staff must maintain records of all donations. Serial numbers of all receipts issued, donors' name or companies' name, addresses, method of donation and the officer handling the donations must be recorded.
  5. All data stored in the computer cannot be deleted or altered. Should any data to be corrected due to error, a request for amendments form must be filled with valid reasons, approved by authorized personnel and amended by Senior Accounts Assistant. Change of donor’s name is not permitted.
  6. Our authorized staff will submit all donations of the previous year in every January to the Inland Revenue Authority’s systems so that tax-exemptions can be given automatically for qualified donations.
  7. All stubs of temporary receipts as well as computer generated receipts must be kept for a period of five years in accordance with the law.
Charity Vouchers
  1. Members of the public can also purchase charity vouchers during celebratory events or during the demise of their friends or relatives. For amounts above $100, the purchaser can request for free delivery. (This service is not available for amounts of below $100).
  2. For phone-in purchases of charity vouchers, details of the buyer or recipient and the method of donation must be stated and the details faxed to the main office.
  3. All funds collected from the sale of charity vouchers will be deposited into the Medical Fund. An Official receipt will be issued.
  4. For persons who request the sale of charity vouchers at a particular location, please ensure that power supply points are available so that the computer can be used on the spot. Such request must be made in writing.