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Merit Times

Merit Times

The Field of Good Fortune has finally arrived. Its mission is to jointly cultivate good merits and share the resulting blessings.

The Fan Wang Jing (梵网经) says that a Buddhist should regard all sick people as if they are Buddhas, and provide them with proper support. In the Eight Fields of Good Fortune, the Treatment Field is the foremost field.

The Field of Good Fortune uses the field as the metaphor for a platform to generate merits. In Buddhism, performing meritorious acts can be considered as planting in the Field of Good Fortune. For example, in Buddhist temples, the donation box is often called the Field of Good Fortune Box.

May 2017

奉献爱心 温暖人间 - 47周年纪念暨杜弗分所开幕盛况

May 2017

心理辅导服务 - 如何帮助你克服心理障碍

May 2017


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Nov 2014

挥别忧郁 享受人生

May 2014

中医中药 让我们增强了重生的信心!

Nov 2013