Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How many patients does the SBFC treat every year?

    Based on our statistic at March 2017, the total of 308,673 patients seek treatment at our clinics, including Cancer patients. We dispensed 1,018,417 days of medications.

  2. What are your clinic charges?

    Currently, 65% of our patients are fully subsidized,only 35% of the patients need to pay for their medications.

    Below 65 Yrs 65 Yrs above
    General Consultation Free $2 daily Free
    Acupuncture $3 per time
    CTC $3 daily
    Welfare benefits or who have financial difficulties, can apply for exemption payment.
  3. Can you briefly describe your annual income and expenses?

    Base on the financial year ending March 2017, total income collected was $6,704,909 while expenses amounted to $6,267,705 there was surplus of $437,345.

  4. What is your staff strength? Give a breakdown by occupational roles and what is their remuneration?

    Total of 146 staff (Including full time and part time) are employed by the seven clinics and one cancer treatment center as follows:

    • Administrative Staff: 24, Including Human Resource,Procurement, Inventory,Charity Admin and Accounts Administration.
    • Operations Staff: 122, Including Physicians, Acupuncturists, Clinic Assistances handling registration of patients, dispensing medicines and provide assistance during acupuncture treatments.

    All staff stated above are employed by SBFC either on a full-time or part-time basis. Staff remuneration will be reviewed and revised periodically by the Board of directors. Staff’s entitlement to remuneration and benefits will be stated in SBFC Human Resource Policies and respective employment contract.

  5. How does SBFC make use of public donation?

    Based on year 2017 statistic about 83.20% of expenses are related to charitable activities, 15.72% for administrative cost, fundraising cost made up the remaining 1.08%. For every free consultation, the subsidy is about $20 per patient. Based on average four days medicine giving to the patients, the subsidy is about $5 per day. All the subsidy are coming from the public donations.

  6. How long can the reserves last?

    The SBFC aims only to collect sufficient donations to cover expenses, with a small surplus .