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28/05/2014 - SBF-SBFC Counselling Service (SSCS) Jointly operated by the Singapore Buddhist Federation and Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic

24/04/2014 - New Clinic at Sembawang to Open Mid-2014

Cancer Treatment Service at Sembawang Branch 

The Cancer Treatment Centre at Sembawang commences operation from September 2018, offering complementary treatment for cancer patients. 

Physicians On Duty: TCM Lo Man Ping 9am to 12pm
                                  TCM Ng Bee Hwa 1.30pm to 4.30pm

Fee Charges: Free Consultation. Medicine $3 per day, free for patients from age 61 and above. 

Address: Blk 503A Canberra Link #01-13 Singapore 751503

Contact No:65556705