Administration Information

Organisation Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic
Address 48 Lor 23 Geylang Singapore 388376
UEN S69SS0009J
IPC Status A Member of Health Endowment Fund
Medical Fund Regn No HEF 0038/G
Expired Date 30/09/2024
Trustees Sek Tat Jin Sik Kwang Sheng, Shi Fa Hui, Sik Ching Chung

The 31st Board Of Director (Appointment Date 17/09/2022, Inauguration Date 15/10/2022)

President Sik Kwang Sheng Vice President Sek Bao Ning
Secretary Chan Yong Luan Vice Secretary Chan Poh Swai
Treasurer Lim Teck Foon Vice Treasurer Goh Swee Sheng

Sek Tat Jin, Chia Ti Yu, Tham Mun Chun, Seck Poh Soon, Chan Ruo Ying,
Sek Tuan Kern, Choo Tiong Hum

Chairman Sik Kwang Sheng
Members Sek Bao Ning, Chan Yong Luan, Chan Poh Swai, Lim Teck Foon, Goh Swee Sheng
Chairman Lim Teck Foon
Members Goh Swee Sheng, Chan Yong Luan, Chan Poh Swai, Chia Seng Leng, Lim Siew Hwa
Chairman Goh Swee Sheng
Members Chan Poh Swai, Chan Yong Luan, Lim Teck Foon, Choo Tiong Hum
Chairman Sek Bao Ning
Members Sek Tuan Kern, Yim Chong Sheng, Chan Yong Luan
Chairman Chan Yong Luan
Members Lim Teck Foon, Seck Poh Soon
Chairman Goh Swee Sheng
Members Sek Bao Ning, Chia Seng Leng, Seck Poh Soon, Chan Ruo Ying, Loh Ting Chong
Chairman Chia Seng Leng
Members Goh Swee Sheng, Tham Mun Chun, Choo Tiong Hum, Lim Teck Foon, Chan Yong Luan,
Chan Poh Swai
Chairman Lim Siew Hwa
Members Tham Mun Chun, Goh Swee Sheng, Loh Ting Chong, Seah Koh Howe
Chairman Chia Ti Yu
Members Tham Mun Chun, Chan Ruo Ying
Chew Whye Lee Pac
Shared Services for Charities Limited
Mr Choo Si Sen (JP PBM BBM)
Chief Executive Officer Seck Sian Tiong
HR/Admin Manager Tang Sook Fong
Branch Managers

Lee Poh Kiau (MC)
Lim Kah Eng (RH)
Seck Mun Ho (AMK)
Ng Gek Eng (JUR)
Peh Hong (SBW)
Lim Kee Seng (DV)
Lim Siew Hee (TAM)

Conflict of Interest Policy
Policy Statements The Clinic’s policy on conflict of interest is that Board of Directors and key staff members are required to declare any personal or vested interest in business transactions, contracts and/or joint ventures that the Clinic may enter into, as soon as such conflict or the possibility of such conflict arises, and abstain from discussion, decision-making and/or voting on the transaction or contract.
• Declare any close relationships (i.e. more than acquaintances) with potential staff recruits, and refrain from influencing decisions on the recruitment process.
• Serve without remuneration so as to maintain the integrity of serving for public trust and community good instead of personal gain.
• In performing Board member duties, not to accept (or offer) personal favors or gifts from (or to) any interest group or constituency, or staff of the Clinic.
• Refrain from sharing with third parties any privileged/confidential information obtained in the course of their work as the Clinic Board members.
Whistle-Blowing Policy
Policy Statements In an effort to strengthen corporate governance practices, Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic (SBFC) has adopted a Whistle-Blowing Policy to provide the staff a platform to raise any concerns which may be related to fraud, Corruption, Misconduct, and Drug Abuse, Criminal Act etc., that involve SBFC staff, vendors or any other related parties.
Reporting Channels

You might want to contact us via the channels below:
•Email: [email protected]
•Mail: Whistle blowing Investigation Officer
Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic
Level 4, 48 Lorong 23 Geylang
Singapore 388376

Two Board members are appointed to be in charge of the reporting channels and access to the email above.

How and What to report? Whistle-blowers may report in good faith their concerns by providing the following information:
Name(s) of person(s)/Company(ies) involved
Date, time and location of incident
Frequency of occurrence
Value of any money or assets involved
Physical evidence (if any)
Any other information that may substantiates their concern

Whistle-blowers to put their names (or at least an email address) to the allegations in case further information or clarification is required. To the extent feasible and permissible, SBFC will not reveal the identity of the whistle-blower.