General Guidelines

  1. All members of the staff in this clinic are to uphold honesty in order to ensure the public's confidence and continued support for charitable causes.
  2. At all times, the clinic will ensure the accuracy of all information disseminated to members of the public.
  3. In accordance with donors' desire, all donations received will be used to the fullest in funding the free clinic.

Types of Donation

  1. Charity box: These boxes are placed at all clinics for collecting donations from the public. Donors’ names are not recorded and there is no specification on the usage of such funds.
  2. Fund-raising activities: Donations collected from the holding of walkathons, fun fairs, as well as flag days are recorded in separate accounts. No receipts are issued for such donations.
  3. Medical fund: For donations that are specified by donors for use in funding the operations of the free clinic, official receipts for tax-exempted or non tax-exempted are issued.

How We Spend The Donation

Methods of Donation

Credit Card





Receipt for Donations

  1. SBFC is an institution of Public Character governed by the Ministry of Health. SBSF is also a member of the Health Endowment Fund. All donations that meet the requirements can be issued with tax-exemption receipts.
  2. Donor who wish to make a tax deductible donation must provide individual NRIC or corporation UEN.
  3. Two types of receipts are issued:
    1. Temporary Receipt
      This type of receipt is handwritten with a set of 3 copies. The first copy is issued to the donor. The second is kept for accounting purposes and the third is the stub.
    2. Official (Tax-exempt) Receipt
      1. Tax-exempt receipt series MF, Pink in colour.
      2. None Tax-exempt receipt series NT, Blue in colour. This receipt is computer generated. For donations made in cash during office hours at all branches, an official receipt will be issued on the spot. For cheque donation, an official receipt will be mailed to the donor after it is deposited.

Charity Vouchers

  1. Members of the public can also purchase charity vouchers during celebratory events or during the demise of their friends or relatives. For amounts above $100, the purchaser can request for free delivery. (This service is not available for amounts of below $100).
  2. For phone-in purchases of charity vouchers; details of the purchaser, recipient and the method of payment must be clearly stated and forward the information to our Head Office in order to process.
  3. All funds collected from the sale of charity vouchers will be deposited into the Medical Fund. An Official receipt will be issued.